Drifting through Infinity


The hills whisper

Whispering Hills whisper

It’s a Boone to be here

Such a boon to watch the salt mingle in the waves

and the stars crawl up the sky

and suck in air

through straw nostrils that talk of Nothingness

Turning your back

on what doesn’t exist

to face the Reality

that is

I could keep lumbering on like this

no blabber

just the thin of the teak stripped off

like taking off my mask

and speaking of things that matter

Of last night’s meditation

that took all the words off

with it

Leaves drifting

through Infinity


To Vayu


You blow into me

and over me

and around me,

From all directions

You blow me away,

Till there’s nothing left –

Not a speck of dust,

Not a thought or tear,

Not a grain of fear.

And once you’re done

with all your blowing

You set me back upright

and blow me one last

gentle kiss.

(To my Guru as Vayu Dev, Lord of Winds, also known as Prana (Life force).)

To Surya Dev

surya dev

Fed on your sight

 I expand

This body cannot contain me

Nor the earth

Nor the galaxy hold me


Your eye that grows bigger

than myself.

I am held

Within your eye

It is your gravity

That keeps me

From flying off into


(My Guru appears in different forms – to my Guru as Surya Dev, Lord of Fire and Divine Knowledge.)

9 Nights of Bliss


Over the next few days my ashram will turn into a Fortress of Bliss, however unlike a fortress in which everything remains contained, the energy generated by all the Navaratri pujas and homas will spill out into the Universe, so that if you could draw a picture of the invisible you would see this great orbit like machine that generates something akin to a silent atomic explosion. But with one fundamental difference!

Unlike an atomic explosion that creates widescale destruction, this explosion sets off layers of joy that unite all creatures, spreading a shield of loving protection around our planet.

Every chant, every mantra, every silent sankalpa releases something beautiful into the Universe. Special herbs with distinct potencies will be offered as oblation to the happy lapping tongues of the fire Gods. And these herbs will purify the air for miles arround, adding positive energy and cheer to those attending the pujas as well as those quite unaware of the grand scale of celebration in the ashram.

Celebration is a part of the Indian genetic code, and since time immemorial we Indians have perfected this art – welding science, art, astronomy, music, dance, astrology and gastronomy into our celebrations. Navaratris have now become an International celebration with people travelling great distances to be a part of the celebrations in Art of Living’s International headquarters in Bangalore, India.

What makes Navaratris so special in my ashram is that people from all over the world, from distinct religions and cultures, come together as one big family to exchange love and absorb peace, bliss and wisdom.

The level of sattva reaches its peak during the last 3 days, the joy that rebounds all over is unmistakable, even to one unaware of spiritual bliss. You can see it in the twinkling eyes and smiling faces of the people around you. There is an air of relaxation armed with alertness, joyful camaraderie holding hands with self awareness. This is celebration with mindfulness. Joy with stability. Stamped with the indelible mark of the sadhak, the sincere seeker.

Navaratri is a time when humans collude with the Gods and Angels, a meeting on the invisible realm with our higher selves, embracing the good, bad and ugly, celebrating the diversity of the Universe, embracing all things as part of the great universal Consciousness.


Come, be a part of this grand meeting of spirits!

Ganesha, my Friend

photo (1)

There he sits or rather lounges on my desk. Eyes never meeting mine, gaze spiraling dreamily upwards. Is it an attempt to taunt or tease me?

He’s such a player!

While he lolls about, I work. Or pretend to. He knows me. If he’s good at playing, I play too. But truly I’m quite sincere (I can hear him remonstrate, “But, I’m sincere too!), although I love to have it easy, and what I love best is to do –

nothing at all…

except dream…

and watch the clouds pass,

and the trees sway,

the sun rise and set and paint the canvas of the sky,

intensely – red, yellow & ultramarine.

and think of nothing at all,

except Krishna, whose long, full eyes drown everything

and my death which I look forward to.

That’s why I say – he taunts me…

He listens to my prayer before I begin, every morning.

Quite sincerely I pray – a prayer that goes something like this:

“God, may I be like you. May I merge into you. Please write for me. May my life pass effortlessly and my work be free of obstacles. If there are mistakes, may others not care and if they do notice, may they be compassionate.

God, may I have all the time in the world to contemplate Divinity and realize the Self. And sing your glory, abundantly!

And if, by any chance it doesn’t happen, still, take me into your fold, make me in your mold.

Let me merge in Thee!”

My friend, Ganesha, mysteriously smiles and says nothing at all.

And still I feel reassured. He pretends at innocence and yet He knows Everything!

He pretends to do nothing, yet He does everything, behind the scenes, when no one’s looking.

In Him I see my Guru, in my Guru I see Him.

Jai Gurudeva, Jai Ganesha!

Art of Living International Ashram invites you to Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

(Elephant headed Ganesha, also known as Ganapati & Vinayaka, is widely revered among Hindus as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the God of intellect and wisdom. As the god of beginnings, he is honored at the start of rituals and ceremonies. Ganesha is also invoked as patron of letters and learning during writing sessions.)

Past Sand and Time

past sand & Time

Should I sit here quite still

Past sand and noise and time

I might hear the ocean touch the rim of my emotions.

Should I still sit here

In the midst of icy winds

And not mind their freezing chatter

I might find my heart.

And now,

Having entered the holy river of love,

What else can I do

But sit here

Quite still

In God’s embrace.