A Full Circle


How life spins. 365 days have spun away since my last birthday. And yet I feel I’ve done nothing and have gone nowhere. The stillness that I experience every morning during sadhana takes me to my center which is nowhere. How do I map that place? How do I put a circle around it? Simple. I just let go. Drop everything. And am there.

The most extraordinary place, healing and magical!

How do I show you? If you’ve done the Happiness Program you’ll know what I mean.
If you haven’t, do it. You’ll regret you hadn’t enroled earlier.

And funnily it seems to be the most precious part of my life. What turns me on. Fills me up. The only worthy reason to live. Just a profound experience of nothingness. Of going nowhere, yet getting so close to the Self. Getting back onto oneself, drinking from one’s own fountain of love. Purity. Integrity. A sense of being solidly grounded in oneself. Unshakable and brimming with a quiet certitude that is a gift from Infinity.

Nothing can beat that feeling I have as my eyes slowly open from that space of Eternity. The eyes and senses slowly readjust to the world of color and form and smell. It is like seeing the world for the first time. Slowly. With no sense of time or hurry. Becoming aware of the extraordinary in ‘ordinary’ things and feeling a rush of love. A great bugle calling delight in an anthill. And then moving about lightly like a cloud in the open blue sky with not a worry.

I can’t believe a year has passed since my last birthday. So many things have happened. Friends have come and gone. I have laughed and I have cried. Yet always I feel the support of an invisible hand, loving and kind, guiding me throughout, showing me that I remain untouched, unstained. On a stormy day the stars may seem wiped out, but they never lose their sparkle. They remain shining though hidden.

That’s what my Master has made me experience. The greatest gift I could recieve in this lifetime. Thank you Gurudev for making my life complete, wrapping me in that inexorable shawl of Completeness.

Jai Guru Dev.