Out of the Mirror


There I am

Staring at my own reflection

Once again


For a way out

Cascading accordion mirrors

Press upon my soul.

When will I step out

Of these dreams within dreams?

Thoughts whizz about to slap themselves

And lie death scattered,

Dreams flatten out.

I look for something to hold onto

My reflection

Reaches out to me.



What Others See As Empty Space


My hands contain everything

And yet hold nothing,

My mouth speaks words

No one hears.

The predictions I read

Are just dreams I spin.

The 9 of Spades

flies down

And anchors me to Success,

And then

The King of Clubs

Comes blundering in

And clouds my vision awhile.


am I looking for,

Whom do I wish to find?

The sun swings its light

Back into my picture frame.

I see my arms entwined


Round and round

A landscape of dreams.

What others see as empty space

For me is the Girth of God.