Love: The Engine of Transformation



The power of Love

The power of Goodness

The power of Unity

The power of Synchronicity

The power of Collaboration

The power of Celebration

The power of Meditation

The power of a One World Family


Be at the Confluence of all these Powers

At the World Cullture Festival 2016,

March 11 – 13, Delhi, India

If you’re being pulled by the magnet of the World Culture Festival 2016 don’t be surprised. Here’s something beyond the laws of expectation or understanding.

Magnificent, stupendous, unparalleled.

On 11, 12 & 13 March more than 3.5 million people wil be meditating across the world for Global Peace. Over 8,500 musicians will perform and 40 different musical instruments will be played at the ‘Art of Living Grand Symphony’. On a 7 acre stage, the largest stage ever, 1,000 Bharat Natyam dancers from South India will synchronize their movements, 1,000 Rajasthani Ghoomar folk dancers will swirl into being, 1000 Chinese singers will sing in perfect pitch, 650 African drummers will build up a beat…Russia, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland and so many nations will bring in their troupes…yes, the emphasis is on scale….on whipping up something stupendous. History will be created. New records made. A new bandwidth invented. Old traditions presented as colossal performances.

3.5 million will find themselves on the grounds opposite Mayur Vihar Metro Station to witness this never-before celebration…the world resonating to the chants of 1,000 Veda Pundits from whose bellies and throats the sacred fire of ancient sanskrit shlokas will be stoked.

The gathering wil include world leaders, dignitaries, luminaries from every field, corporates, politicians, the army, the common man, people representing every level of society – entering a field beyond boundaries…where all that counts is love, joy & celebration. And the knowledge that we are One Family.

This elaborate family get together is the outcome of the vision of one individual – Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar whose life has been dedicated to empower each individual and thereby transform the world to a violence-free, stress-free society. This is also a celebration of Art of Living’s 35 years of service to humanity.

Here’s a modern day Yagya – fiery yet pacifying, leaving all beings to sink deep into an ocean of Bliss. When each individual is empowered the world is automatically transformed. With individual peace comes universal peace. That’s the mantra. The formula. The more you give the more you get. Each life receives value from sharing love & wisdom.

Questions will be raised. What can we do to better our environment? How can we address issues like poverty, corruption & terrorism? Brains will be jingled, rattled, and then after the storm, calm will prevail. The mind likes questions, arguments and debates. The intellect likes a settlement. Meditation acts as the mediator, setting the pace for peace. Like minded people will come to work proactively on the many ideas stirred up through debate. Everyone present will participate in the world’s largest ever group meditation.

The yagya will be festively dressed up in song and dance…each nation proudly displaying its traditional music and dance…which may lead to a cross pollination – a polyphonic collaboration of cultures in days to come. Certainly there will be greater inquisitiveness, greater acceptance, greater understanding for that which was earlier considered some form of romping by some distant nation. The shift will take place from “mine” / “theirs” to “ours”. A delight in collective traditions owned by all who inhabit this planet.

When the forces of goodness are collaborating…what will unfold is beyond belief.

We are about to witness an incredible transformation…on all levels – individual, social, political, cosmic.

All I can say is come and experience this scintillating event for yourself. After all, it is our celebration! Come and greet the sea of strangers that are your own! Exult in the wave of humanity, bask in the incredible skill & talent of humankind.

Peace to all, Love to all, Joy to all. Om Shant, Shanti, Shantih.


Ganesha, my Friend

photo (1)

There he sits or rather lounges on my desk. Eyes never meeting mine, gaze spiraling dreamily upwards. Is it an attempt to taunt or tease me?

He’s such a player!

While he lolls about, I work. Or pretend to. He knows me. If he’s good at playing, I play too. But truly I’m quite sincere (I can hear him remonstrate, “But, I’m sincere too!), although I love to have it easy, and what I love best is to do –

nothing at all…

except dream…

and watch the clouds pass,

and the trees sway,

the sun rise and set and paint the canvas of the sky,

intensely – red, yellow & ultramarine.

and think of nothing at all,

except Krishna, whose long, full eyes drown everything

and my death which I look forward to.

That’s why I say – he taunts me…

He listens to my prayer before I begin, every morning.

Quite sincerely I pray – a prayer that goes something like this:

“God, may I be like you. May I merge into you. Please write for me. May my life pass effortlessly and my work be free of obstacles. If there are mistakes, may others not care and if they do notice, may they be compassionate.

God, may I have all the time in the world to contemplate Divinity and realize the Self. And sing your glory, abundantly!

And if, by any chance it doesn’t happen, still, take me into your fold, make me in your mold.

Let me merge in Thee!”

My friend, Ganesha, mysteriously smiles and says nothing at all.

And still I feel reassured. He pretends at innocence and yet He knows Everything!

He pretends to do nothing, yet He does everything, behind the scenes, when no one’s looking.

In Him I see my Guru, in my Guru I see Him.

Jai Gurudeva, Jai Ganesha!

Art of Living International Ashram invites you to Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

(Elephant headed Ganesha, also known as Ganapati & Vinayaka, is widely revered among Hindus as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the God of intellect and wisdom. As the god of beginnings, he is honored at the start of rituals and ceremonies. Ganesha is also invoked as patron of letters and learning during writing sessions.)