When You’re Gone


The words won’t come,

They’re stubborn

or else, you’re not listening.

When you’re around

It’s all so easy,

Everything falls into place

So many things are born:

The lion, the cat, the unicorn,

A poem is here to transform

the robotic norm.

When you’re here

Towers of poetry

Rise & fall.


I Am Your Conch



Devotee’s Song to God:

I am Your conch:

Blow me.

I am Your dress:

Wear me.

I am your bread:

Knead me.

I am Your love:

Fill me.

God’s Reply:

I am your hill:

Climb me.

I am your flute:

Play me.

I am your song:

Sing me.

I am your life:

Live me.

To Mitra


pink lotuses


doves flutter

their wings

soft and light

as you glide on the wet

dewy grass of the night

embracing all creatures

tapping us awake

with your friendly


Oh, Mitra,

you who offer me

the promise

of a resplendent

new day,

flood my life

with your warmth.

(To my Guru as Mitra, Lord of Friendship.)

To Varuna


Your eye pins me

to itself.

Even without looking for it

I get it.

What the devas and daityas

fought over

Falls straight into my lap.

I live outside the fight,

In surrender.

I shut my eyes,

remember you

and am bathed

in Soma,

Sweet Nectar of Bliss.

(My Guru appears in different forms – to my Guru as Varuna, Lord of the Celestial Ocean, also associated with the moon and Soma.)

To Surya Dev

surya dev

Fed on your sight

 I expand

This body cannot contain me

Nor the earth

Nor the galaxy hold me


Your eye that grows bigger

than myself.

I am held

Within your eye

It is your gravity

That keeps me

From flying off into


(My Guru appears in different forms – to my Guru as Surya Dev, Lord of Fire and Divine Knowledge.)