Drifting through Infinity


The hills whisper

Whispering Hills whisper

It’s a Boone to be here

Such a boon to watch the salt mingle in the waves

and the stars crawl up the sky

and suck in air

through straw nostrils that talk of Nothingness

Turning your back

on what doesn’t exist

to face the Reality

that is

I could keep lumbering on like this

no blabber

just the thin of the teak stripped off

like taking off my mask

and speaking of things that matter

Of last night’s meditation

that took all the words off

with it

Leaves drifting

through Infinity


2 thoughts on “Drifting through Infinity

    • Well I’m trying to say a lot of things without actually saying them… Actually it’s more about a feeling or an experience beyond words. We have an ashram called Boone in the U.S. & I was playing with the name as well as the name of the Road on which it’s located: “Whispering Hills”. Although it’s nowhere near an ocean! The Blue Ridge Mountains are close by.


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