It’s Time We Hold Hands


The wind is blowing in a different direction

Stirring up all the love it can,

Rustling souls across the world,

Towards New Delhi…

Towards a New Dimension,

Another kinda Celebration,

A Recognition –

We’re all One Family.

No matter where you live

Or what you do

We all Belong

To One Another!

Let’s hear the Sound of Love

Resounding Everywhere.

Let’s hear the Song of Love,

No matter where we go

Or what we do

Or whom we beleive in


It’s Time we hold hands

And sway together –

As One World Family!


Let’s hold hands & join in the largest Celebrations the World has seen so far. The World Culture Festival 2016 in New Delhi, India. Celebrating Humanity. Preserving Traditions. A Colossal display of Folk Music & Dance from 155 countries. Enlivening Peace, Love & Joy through blissful Meditations! Don’t think twice! Just be there (( ;




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