On a Wave of Bliss!


I’m on this Sea of Delight! Can’t explain it,

Just his sight – takes me to an incredible height!

I see him and it’s stillness, euphoria and expansion all at once!

The effect of seeing him and its after-effects : pure delight!

The sight of my Guru…makes me explode

Blessings far and wide.

In his absence…I feel his Presence

I’m stable – I’m the Seer,

Yet always with a tear and a smile from ear to ear!

I’m welded to Him, as He’s welded to me!

I’m His crazy ball

If I slip and fall,

I laugh and bounce up, Up,UP!

Yes, “my” Sri Sri often throws me

To a super new dimension!

Towards His flower petalled feet I bounce again and again

There’s a secret I will share:


If I’m on the peak or trough,

Because either which way –

Straight up or topsy-turvy –

I am in Bliss!

crazy ball


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