Redirecting My Gaze


The day grew bold, completely unfettered, adamant to break all rules of discipline, she stamped her feet and insisted on spending her time as she chose!

As she chooses? Who chooses? Is it the Day or is it me projecting my wilfullness? Or is it really her, stamping and neighing as the morning dust rises to clear away the still sleeping mist that sits everywhere?

I do the Sudarshan Kriya and then face her calmly. Only yesterday, while reading the 2nd chapter of the Bhagavad Gita I had re-read Bhagavan’s definition of ‘stithapragya’. And I had decided with equal firmness to maintain my role as stithapragya, to maintain my equanimity, no matter what. Let the day be impetuous, I will simply watch her, calm & unruffled as a rock. She may bear over me with the full fury of Ganga, unstoppable in her aim to merge with the ocean. Yet, centered, unshakeable I shall remain.

I will watch her. Closely observe the movement : the swelling waves of whimsicality (in slow motion). Slowed down by my mind, observing carefully. Gently, with attention. And then I will not. No longer will I see her, for my focus has shifted : I am watching myself.



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