Great Happy Being


Sounds too many ricocheting about.
That is the outer world –
Quiet, settle down!

A simple command can change one’s life.
A thought, a wish, an intention
Receiving the right incubation
Hatches miraculously!

You don’t see the thread – it’s so subtle –
How our lives are woven so intimately.

How my breath is tied to the breath of my Guru!

So many lives
Forming a fine gossamer
Of One Giant Breath!

You wish your distressed friend well
And the next time you meet
Her blissful smile says –
She’s all sorted.

Your sadness will
filter into my consciousness,
My gladness will embrace you
No matter how far you are.

Wrapped in a red ribbon of love
My Guru sends a blessing and command
– just two words –
“Be Happy!”

It’s all we’re looking for.


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