Past Sand and Time

past sand & Time

Should I sit here quite still

Past sand and noise and time

I might hear the ocean touch the rim of my emotions.

Should I still sit here

In the midst of icy winds

And not mind their freezing chatter

I might find my heart.

And now,

Having entered the holy river of love,

What else can I do

But sit here

Quite still

In God’s embrace.


4 thoughts on “Past Sand and Time

    • Wow! Thank you Swamiji!

      It’s an old poem I wrote on Gurudev’s Birthday – ironically before I came to Art of Living or even knew it was His birthday!

      I was going to stop writing…but I realise that this blog really keeps me going…is something I look forward to – adds that something extra to my life! And thanks to your encouragement I will keep on writing.

      For me, the process is magical. I come to the space blank…and then suddenly something happens. I believe it is Divine Conspiracy…on a few occasions I’ve heard Gurudev speaking on the same lines later in satsang! And after posting on Lord Subramanium, I would unknowingly find myself at a Subramanium puja in Gurukul in Gurudev’s presence. This has happened twice!

      I feel it is all His. Without Him I’m quite helpless!

      Hope you are well Swamiji. I miss your presence in the Ashram. I hope you get to visit Jagannath Puri. Enjoy the sea, temples & our University (which I long to see). Pranam and love.


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