Upside Down

This house as stone and wood

as a house can be

this tree growing

against gravity

and i drift between these two

not quite knowing what to do

between the house and tree i wander

a brush & pen in hand

mixing words and paint as evening gathers

sound & a rhythm

stroke & thunder

a thought enters & leaves through this hand

i cannot stop the leaking

i cannot stop the flow



2 thoughts on “

  1. This stride against gravity
    The drift against the tide
    Feel your pen and the brush
    Know that time is by your side.

    Behold your mighty self.
    Get out of the tree and see
    How strong you’ve become
    You’re growing one with thee..

    Even if thoughts bleed the paper
    Words are always a cacophony
    Even if colors may find its contours
    Breathe is the only symphony


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