The Ocean Spoke to ME!


The Ocean spoke to me. She said, “Show me what you’ve brought for me!”

My tongue curled up and I looked at my toes curl in. The waves were licking them, echoing, “Show, show!

I wish I knew, I thought.

I wish I’d brought something!

It had never occurred to me, that She would ask!

She has everything! And what have I?

I’ve brought myself to you, I softly pronounced.

Here I am!

“Then, come in, come in! What are you waiting for?!”

I’ve always loved the Ocean, but this was the first time I’d heard her speak.

Usually when I see her, I just dive in.

I run the stretch of sand between her and me and then run on in, into her warm welcoming waves.

What had stopped me this time?

A 15 year gap, perhaps. Shyness had crept in to fill in the space of absence.

There was no one except me and her and a lifeguard, watching me guardedly from the corners of his eyes.

It was a Monsoon sea, it was grey all around, the sky was pregnant with low grey clouds and large grey waves were chopping towards me.

For a second it was scary….and then I remembered my solemn promise, “I am yours, to do as you wish with me!”

The lifeguard looked anxious as I made my way forward.

Watching the waves marching towards the shore in superb formation, I couldn’t help remember Lord Subramaniyam, son of Shiva and Lord of War. The waves were his Army and he was marching at the head, King of the Ocean…not to fight, but greet me, as one warrior will another!

Oh Subramaniyam, Sumbramaniyam, I sang out ecstatically!

My mind settled briefly on Tiruchendur, on its holy shores, and his modest though poignant shrine in Sringeri. I remembered my time with my Master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I remembered his childlike ecstasy on entering the Ocean, and ours on being with him!

Remembrance united the past with the present. Or rather, brought the past into the present!

Just as the Ocean throws stuff on the shore, golden strands of the past were hurled into my present experience so that I was no longer on a private beach in Goa but on a cosmic Beach with a saint and a God!

A light drizzle, much like a blessing, began to fall on all the creatures in the sea and on shore. Each time the stupendous waves would threaten to roll over me, I would simply dive deeper, bobbing up gleefully after they’d pass.

I drank in the Ocean…she was salty yet sweet. I drank her from every pore of my Being.

What did she get from me?

I don’t know, but I think I saw her smile and wink at me as I left.


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