Are You the Pattern?


An unusual thought occurred this morning – unusual because I’d never had it before.

I was in the bus on my way to office, and as we rumbled past Laxmi Gardens I noticed a lot of green development in the large ‘garden’ outside Swami Brahmatej ji’s residence. I remembered the elaborate terraced garden that Swamiji had left behind at Meera, his old kutir. Lots of enthusiastic young sevaks would come by in the mornings and evenings to help Swamiji and improve their know-how on organic and homa farming, among other things.

Swami Brahmatej ji is a good farmer. He is as good with plants as he is with nurturing and boosting the wellbeing of all creatures – from cows to dogs and babies to adults. He is technically proficient and practically sound. His presence is healing.

Swamiji is an encyclopedia on plants, as well as an encyclopedia on so many other matters i can only speculate. Self-effacing like our Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – it is impossible to even imagine the depth of knowledge they contain or who they are even!

The thought that held me as the bus speeded me past was – Wherever Swami Brahmatej ji goes there will always be a garden and planting activities, because the garden (hold your breath) is just an extension of Swamiji, not unlike a limb of his! It appears like a separate entity – but it is as good as Swamiji’s body!

The seed of growth, nurturing, creativity, the whole lunar cycles of sowing and harvesting seem embedded in Swamiji’s consciousness. Looking at it from this angle it is not at all surprising that wherever he goes a garden will spring up.

I liked this thought…wished to explore it further. Allow my mind to drive on this road and see what else it would show me. Just a little relaxation and the mind plugs out of its usual ‘cluttered’ chattering to tune itself to a new frequency – of knowledge, when you least expect it.

Continuing on this track –  it is not startling that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is always the center of a storm of admirers – people jostling to get closer, to hug him, touch him, whisper their secrets to him – he is the embodiment of love – and who is not hungry for love?

Coming to the subject of myself : As a child I loved books and when I had a room of my own, an entire wall was taken up by books. I would also spend many hours in the school library and pore over subjects beyond my comprehension – a love for the unknown and unfamiliar would hold me, keep me rivetted (that’s probably where Bhakti began…among books!).

There’s something beautiful in turning well thumbed pages, admiring minutely drawn illustrations, wondering about unknown people who had turned those pages, maybe so many years before me, making friends with the faceless authors of those books, holding the book up to my nose and sniffing its distinctive presence…there was something charming, even romantic about the whole affair… time spent in solitude…and yet each book opened up a new world with its own fragrance, its own light and air. And all along the quiet voice of the author would speak to me.

My imagination awakened.

Later when I left my parents home to study in Baroda, I was surprised that over a period of time almost the same number of books surrounded me. I was always puzzled by this – no matter where I went – I shifted homes a number of times and distributed my books, still I would always be left with LOTS of books. So when I was given seva at this new office on a hillock I was not surprised to hear that the Ashram library had shifted out of the ashram and into this building on the hill!

Another thing that often puzzled me was that although I love tidiness – and would make efforts to keep my room neat it would end up a jumbled mess. Maybe the grain of chaos superseded cleanliness in my psyche. It’s no wonder (in hindsight), wherever I went a storm would follow!

After doing the Art of Living programs and now armed with greater awareness and a stronger wish to increase my Vishnu shakti (energy of maintenance) – I see a sea of improvement.

My Brahma (creativity) and Maheshwar (destruction / transformation) energies were always flying high…it was Vishnu or should I say Krishna – who seemed to be playing pranks and eluding me.

I’ve been chanting Lalita Sahasranama…I’m not sure if she’s behind it. But it is said wherever Laxmi is there is Narayana, close at hand. So Vishnu has, it seems, visited me with a brush in hand – to brush out all the cobwebs of inertia and then paint a new me – sparkling with enthusiasm to keep my surroundings spotless!

What else? I leave you to wonder as your wander down the halls of memory ….See if you can notice any distinguishable patterns about your life…are these extensions of yourself…or something you can and wish to change? Enjoy your ruminations!


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