God’s Temple


A body that shines and smiles and fills the world with love and mirth and beauty.

Is that what my body speaks to the world?

That’s what I was wondering as I was on my morning walk, setting up a storm with my feet as I strode gustily on the leaf littered concrete path.

A body that shines and smiles….that’s what my body seemed to be doing right then…gulping in the chill almost winter (who’d say we’re still in July?) air. The cold atmosphere embracing my warm shining frame.

I wasn’t aware whether I was filling the world with love, mirth and beauty but at that moment, on my solitary yet joyful walk I was love and beauty and mirth.

World renowned spiritual leader and founder of Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has a knack of making you take a second look at what you completely take for granted. He makes you relook at the mundane and with a special interest. Looking at the world through Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s eyes you begin to see things with respect, awe, wonder, love and gratitude.

And he makes you feel that way about something you may not have even looked at with much regard: your body.

You may not have the best figure or height or looks. You may be what others keeping reminding you – “too tall” or “like a stick” or like a “pudding” or “way too short”! Yet Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has a magical way of taking you by the hand, guiding you to the mirror of your Self and making you fall in love once again!

Has anyone ever told you that “Your body is a precious gift”? Well, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar does. He says:

Your body is a precious gift to you by Mother Nature. So, respect your body.”

Have you ever thought just how precious your body is? What is it about your body that makes it so valuable?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar tells us:

Your body is capable of inviting God. Your body is a temple in which Divinity can enter and reside. So, keep it healthy, transform it and light a lamp in it. That is enough for the Divine to come and reside in it.”

Isn’t that a beautiful way to look at your body? It is unique. It is beautiful just as it is. It is a fitting abode for God!

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar goes a step further, he says your “body is the Divine’s most precious abode”!

Makes you wonder?

I leave you to ponder over these words by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

“What is there in your body? It is Divine’s altar. Spread the altar of smile and light the lamp of knowledge and invite “anandakanda”, the child of bliss in your body. If the son of Nanda has to come to you, light is necessary, the altar of smile is necessary.”

Feel good about your body as you go about your day. Wear your smile lightly, that it may reflect back to you a hundred times from others’ faces.

What does your body say to that?

I can feel it smiling already!


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