A Hidden Beauty

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It’s hiding itself. Doesn’t want to be revealed. And yet I try and pry and push a little and see if I can get a little peak at least behind that thick invisible veil.

But Wisdom, she’s a queen. If she wants you to know, she will come without you even calling her. When you’re not looking for her, she’s there standing silently beside you, relaying and radiating the Light of Knowledge to you.

As I said, She comes of her own accord, when you least expect it. You may be innocently sitting on the grass, watching the silvery trail of a snail growing longer as it moves ahead. Your mind is quite blank and happy. And suddenly She descends on you, quick as lightning, a flash which conveys the fullness of Truth with it!

And then… you never know when you will see her again! Years may pass. You may be quite sincere in your search. But I told you – she’s a Queen – she comes when she pleases…and you never know when the moment is ripe for her arrival.

She’s a Queen, yet she comes unannounced. She comes alone without a convoy of sycophants. She’s a queen, yet there’s humility in her solitariness. She is beautiful and so complete and appears not to know it! She is childlike, playful and yet so profound!

She comes when she is pleased and yet I don’t know how to please her! I don’t know how I may have pleased her in the past and how to win her to my side once again! Each time she comes she brings me something new, some wisdom I’ve never heard or read about….Yet, she always leaves me breathless, so moved, so fresh! She takes me to a new dimension – and leaves me with, “Aaah, yes! So, that’s how it is!” 

I can never get over the beauty and simplicity of it. These sudden, unwarranted meetings which are uncomplicated yet profound! She feeds me these nuggets and then disappears!

She has her own intimate way of explaining things to me without words. I will not describe what I understood. There’s no point! As I said, no amount of reading will help. It’s a personal experience…and no other person’s experience can count or match. Because finally she’s an artist; as a creator, she never repeats herself.

She presents herself differently to different people…. and so we have so many religious sects based on different people’s personal experience. Based on the light she threw before their eyes…and each time the quality differs. And yet all stories match, have similar strands. You can see her Presence despite the varied colors. They are all her colors, her preferred palette, her range!

I feel grateful of her existence…that she has allowed me to have glimpses of her!The number of times I can count only on one hand. That is enough for me. Just to know, beyond our tiny little eyes and small baby brains there exists Something, breathtakingly beautiful.

I have not the capacity to comprehend her or take her in fully. But whatever she feeds me is perfect and complete!

Om Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnaat Purnamudachyate,

Purnasya Purnamaadaaya Purnamevavashishyate,

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantih.


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