From One Sadhak to Another


This is a very important truth, a realization, that i wish to share, want to share and I must share! It will make life very simple for anyone who reads and follows it.

It stems from three very simple thoughts or ideas:

1. The Divine is doing EVERYTHING: good, bad, ugly…you name it! This world is a Divine play, written & directed by the Divine itself!

What this means is that the blame-game comes to a standstill. Even the boy who slapped you in high school for no reason was an innocent postman…simply delivering what the Divine wanted him to give you! You stop complaining and begin to watch events and people with a sense of interest and wonder. Nothing and no one can get under your skin any more. You realise that you are here as a student to watch, listen and learn while life unfolds its dramas before you one by one!

2. The Divine loves you dearly… a hundred million times greater than your mother or anyone else you know!

Just this thought, this realisation makes you relax, brings you such comfort and reassurance. When everyone lets you down, there is one always standing behind you, ready to support and comfort you! This reminds me of the famous story of the footprints on the sand. God, pointing to footprints in the sand, assured his devotee, “See, I’m always with you!” The devotee turned around and said, “That’s not true! See all these places – when I went through the toughest times I was alone!” he cried, pointing to a single set of footprints. God replied, “Those were the times I was carrying you in my arms!”

3. The Divine will give you only what is best for you.

This means that there is no scope for comparison. No point in looking to left or right, ahead or behind…no point in looking at someone else and thinking, “Wow, when will I get that?” or “Oh no, I hope that never happens to me!” because each soul is on its own unique journey. What may be right for someone else may not be the best thing for you.

Give this some thought….it means a lot of freedom! Freedom from frustration, jealousy, greed, anger, complaints and distrust.

The plus point : You begin to move through life with a greater sense of security knowing that the Divine is always working in your best interest. There’s a new feeling of trust, camaraderie, and complicity with the Divine.

Bottomline: This means you can stop running after things… knowing that the best for you will be placed in your lap before you even realise you require it!

You can stop running after that eligible guy or girl – the one you think is your soulmate (and so you need to grab them because it’s now or never), that alluring job or post or wealth which you imagine will alter your life, fulfilling ALL your dreams! You can stop running and start relaxing. In the ancient Indian Scriptures it is said –

“The one who gallops behind his desires is left empty handed, while the one who relaxes and is established in the self gets everything.”

So be assured in this faith, and as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar advises: “Relax and let go: take refuge in the quiet corner of your heart; everything will come to you!”


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