Re-writing a Myth

feather white

There are some bad days, worse days and I-can’t-write days and today’s one of them. Sounds like a bad hair day?

Re-take: There are some good days, super-good days and super-best days and days that I-can-write-super-well!

Interesting how we create and perpetuate our own myths…just put a label to anything and the mind begins to believe it…and once it’s down in type it becomes the Agamas or the Gospel Truth!

So what’s the myth about hair? Long lustrous hair = feminine beauty

Or even more basic than that – “If you are a girl you must have hair on your head (and be hairless in all other places)!”

I redefined that formula for myself. Ladies like Sinead O’Connor did so a long time ago. I remember the first time I saw Sinead on telly singing “Nothing Compares to You”. What a vivid image! She appeared like some futuristic Princess that had morphed from another galaxy. Talking of inter-stellar galaxies there was Persis Kambhatta of Star Trek fame. Another hairless wonder and equally bewitching!

But here’s my story…

I was having a bad hair day for months – literally speaking – there was this static electric aura around my head making my hair stand up in stray wisps, defying gravity…making me feel like cotton candy! It wasn’t a pleasant sight to my over detectable eyes! Even an ample use of hair oil was not successful in plastering those levitating hairs!


I shaved it off! Goodbye to bad hair days!!

Symbolic interpretation: the days on my calender now stand as – Good days, Super-good days and Super-best days and days that I can write Super-well!

And some more practical truths about having a bald pate: I can have as many head baths as I like without a cold threatening to descend on me. NO more stray hair making patterns on the floor. Dispensing with combs, brushes, hairclips and rubber-bands…aah, such freedom! Not having to bother about which side to part the hair, should it be tied up or left loose or braided! And many more…those of you who have hair know well enough.

How cool and good it feels… to follow your own gut feeling, allow your self to make it’s own way, unique as it may be; to know when to follow society’s norms and when to abandon them! For months the thought followed me…take it off, take it off! Each time I’d whisper my secret intention to a new friend I’d receive a look, a gasp – a great shaking of the head – no, No!

I couldn’t resist the child in me… the one that loves to explore, is light and free. The one that loves to play and pretend and be different things at different times. The one that loves to wear many caps and then drop them all! Life is too short and after all it’s only a matter of hair!

Hair. Drop the the ‘H’ and what do you have? Lots of air. Nothin’ like cool, minty air on a clean, shiny scalp. Nowadays I walk proudly with my cap of air caressing my head.

photo 4


3 thoughts on “Re-writing a Myth

  1. It took me a bit of time to interpret that last statement – ” i see three moons, all of them shining.” – sounded so mysterious i even thought it may be a Koan! (( :

    So sweet of you! Thank you for your encouragement….Right now I feel feather light! Aapne mujhe bahut jyada chadaya!!

    I have always loved that song…a childhood favourite of mine….you have a knack of pulling out my forgotten loves! Aaj kal mein bahut maza leti hu – apne sir par tel lagane me!! Mera naseeb chamak raha he! ((( ;


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