Kalankani Radha


Move with gay abandon….light as the wind, glide, swirl like the rushing waters of the river, move on! Move on to that which is steady, undying!

Move with the steady flow of Bhakti towards the Divine.

I just discovered this beautiful song called Kalankani Radha with it’s haunting melody sung by Bengali singer Abhijeet Burman aka Pota on You Tube.

The song is lyrical, even mysterious! But it contains the distinct sound of Radha’s anklets following through the track. So even if you don’t understand the song, you hear her footsteps, feel her presence.

“Don’t go, oh don’t go under the kadamba tree. Don’t go near the river, don’t go near the river bank!” the singer warns Radha, who doesn’t seem to hear or heed at all, because her footsteps steadily carry her onwards, on and on and on. Even when the singer sings that Radhika is tired and the River Yamuna is too far off, you still hear her anklets jingling away, taking her to her love.

If the singer is full of doubt, Radha is without. Not an iota, not a trace! When there’s trust, doubt flees far away. Radha carries with her the stout staff of Shraddha. In love there is only tirelessness, alertness, livliness, wakefulness, lightness.

Why is she being warned? Why should she not wander near the kadamba tree or river? The singer says – Kanha is sitting on the branches of that tree (just waiting for you to enter the river so that he may steal your clothes)!

When we come close to the Divine our external trappings drop away. Our image, reputation, ego and identity get washed away. Anything wrong with losing these? Radhika is a smart, intelligent young girl.

Finally the narrator is left to concede that Radha is the most devoted bhakt, there is no Bhakt quite like her!

Those are the footsteps of the sadhak. Shraddha or faith in the Divine takes you to faith in yourself, in your vision. In following it, however blindly, you become unshakeable, unbreakable in the face of adversity; you become the most powerful being on Earth! Love is the strongest tie… it may appear as a mere thread but it never leaves you – it wraps itself round and round and round, entwining you to the Divine. Those who have had a taste of the Divine know this.

There is no getting out of it, no leaving it, the way we do in our ‘normal’ human relationships – terminating one and beginning another to find that terminate too! Getting endlessly caught up in the strings of humiliation, guilt, anger and regret.

Once you’re in it, then God help you, you’re done for! It can be the most painful yet most rewarding relationship you could ever experience! The Divine is attractive, alluring, magnetic, most satisfying and has innumerable ways of communication to boot!

The world is scattered with so many broken hearts, so many tales of jilted lovers. But when it comes to Divine love the lamp within gets lit. The shakiest person becomes steady and tript (satisfied) – tranquility descends and talents abound!

And nothing else matters, except that love! Nothing else!

This is a love worth exploring…

I leave you to drench yourself in the music and explore its meaning & soulful cadence for yourself. Get drenched in Bhakti! Burn yourself in that love!

It is said that the Kadamba tree blossoms with the sound of the monsoon thunder. Go under that tree, be with its heady fragrance, go near the river, drown yourself in that love!

Jai Guru Dev!

kadamba flower


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