This Is How It Is


This is how it goes, it goes, it goes. How it goes is as it comes. In a flash.

Before you know it – it’s there. Before you know it, it’s gone!

With the blink of an eye time passes. Life passes, the world passes, people pass. What’s the difference between a second & eternity? A second passes, eternity remains. Yet, a second contains eternity. Eternity contains a second.

Think about that. Mull over it. It’s worth it.

At the right time things appear (come) & at the right time things disappear (go). The ‘right’ time is one marked by Nature, not decided by us.

T.S.Eliot reminds us of the eternal truth, that people “come and go,” something most of us are not willing to accept so easily.

Life is a happening of arrivals and departures and in that time we marvel or wail at the inexplainable. We rejoice a new birth & grieve over the death of a loved one.

The presence is what we miss. Not the person, the presence. Not the name or reputation, but the soul, the essence. That one-of-a-kind fragrance that we will never encounter again.

More precious than anything on earth!

When people die they become untraceable. Once upon a time they were so in your face. Now they’re not. Tough to digest.

Expounding on the Ashtavakra Gita, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar asks us, “What are YOU holding on to? What can you hold? Nothing remains, nothing stays. Everything is passing us like a river flowing by. Just see this. Know this.”

Things come & things go. People come & people go.

That’s life for you: nothing static, except the witness consciousness (drashta swarupe) statically watching as the world dynamically passes by! We think we pass away, really it’s the world that passes away!

You experience this in deep sleep. You lose body consciousness. Neither the body or the world exist.

All that stands beyond Time is the Consciousness, patiently watching. Unmoved, undeterred, uninterrupted watching.

Niranjan. Pure. Untouched (by the world) Soul.

That’s YOU!

That’s me.

That’s everyone of us.





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