Finding that Perfect Moment!

radha-krishna (1)

This morning, soon after waking, this thought arose – that all that matters is here, right now! Suddenly I was transported to the secret grove of Radha and Kahna – I saw them in their little bower surrounded by tall  fragrant trees, shrubs and creepers and sweet smelling flowers. I was pulled into their field of delicate ecstasy – nothing in detail, just a sense of them in their space of great magical love in which nothing really matters and everything is – just as it should be.

This moment is perfect. It takes some amount of practice to realise this – this moment is just as it should be. Whatever is happening – bad, good, ugly, sad, funny, mad – is perfect, in rhythm with something much larger than we can see or comprehend. All the flavours, all the 9 rasas are in constant movement in this Divine play. Paintings and dramas keep emerging and collapsing like ripples on a rainy lake. It’s up to us to erase or retouch them on the canvas of our imagination. Our role of activity is not in the happening which unfolds according to Divine plan. It is in the colours and emotions we imbue on those happenings – a red splotch of anger, a dash of emerald envy, a wave of joyful topaz, a grey fog of guilt.

When you realise this you become alive to the moment – you embrace life as it is with all its uncertainties…even the harsh, incomprehensible realities begin to mellow, become softer once you look at things from this perspective. This life, this moment is perfect, truly is. It is a container, a vortex of love – it’s up to us to see and focus on what we wish to see. Options abound. Stories multiply and disintegrate.

I realize to me this is all that matters – that halt in time and being in love and alive to the moment – opening up to a sense of intense awakening and wonder. Just remembering that is joyful and wonderful. I love that space of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna! Seeing the world with those eyes – everything, every object, every creature and person seems imbued with a special purpose – a very dear and special significance, though it may be hidden from our knowledge.

Right now all I see is the sky, vast and magnificent, threatening to rain on me with love!


One thought on “Finding that Perfect Moment!

  1. niranjanprabhu says:

    Om Namah Shivaya….reminded me of Ardha Nareeshwara Stotram…..Opposite values are complimentary….the peaks and troughs are happening continuously in each and every moment…..


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