What If Nothing Happens

What if nothing happens, nothing occurs – the dream companion you were waiting for just doesn’t arrive, the dream perk you were hankering after is never mentioned.

You think you will get famous but you don’t.

You think you will be the most amazing and talked about Art of Living Teacher, but nothing happens, not even one Course!

You know you are talented but no one else thinks so.

The life you thought would blossom into goodness, shrivels up.

What if….

It hardly matters.

Just ask –

to whom does it matter?

Who mmmm?



Even if you got it,

Had EVERYTHING you could dream of,

Does it really matter?

Does it?

All these are just thoughts.

All this is just a dream.

The mind on top gear, spinning restless dreams.

How does it matter?

It will all pass anyway.

To whom is life precious?

To whom does it matter or not?

Are you happy now?

That’s ALL that matters.


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