Anytime It May Happen!

crow death

Faster and faster, it takes larger strides – this dark, thick whirlwind of a cloud – until it has caught up with me.

I am gone.

My body lies supine. I watch it from a corner of the room. Through my inert body I see my father’s inert body and the bodies of all those who have gone before him.

My consciousness is alive; it hovers near the body – grief stricken as to why it does it not move anymore. Why do all my family and friends gather around and why do they cry? Don’t they see that I’m still here?

That black bird comes pecking at my window, its beak intent on delivering a message. No, no, NO! I close my ears, and draw down the binds, I don’t want to know!

I was always suspicious of its presence. Shanidev’s vehicle, bringing its black world here –right to my room! Has it no sense of decorum, no sensitivity to the feelings of others? Does it take joy in announcing the news? Go away I say; I don’t want you here!

I can feel the wings of Edgar Alan Poe’s black Raven flap and whoosh above my head. My aura has spread and filled up the room. – My body still lies inert, yet I can feel and see with a new intensity.

Oh, no, I can hear what they are thinking! I don’t want to know!

What am I doing here? Am I an agent of death, Death’s deliverer? I was present at Aji and Ajoba’s death. Does my presence serve a purpose? Do I comfort the dying? Is someone dying?

Are we ALL dying?

That bird with its intelligent evil eyes of disaster looks at me knowingly.

Does he know? Do we both know what is to unfold? I turn my back on it. I prefer to be blind and deaf and dumb.

The bird and I know that death is round the corner, waiting for one of us.

Who’s next?



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