Promising Possibilities


I’ve decided to pick up from where I left last…the impact of Sadyojata has been brewing in my mind. Sadyojata – life as ever fresh, ever new – invests us with such profound possibilities! The repercussions are HUGE! It means we can reinvent ourselves every second…even if you are not trying, IT IS HAPPENING.

Which now explains why Sri Sri Ravi Shankar cautions people, “Don’t label yourself!” because we are beyond all labels and definitions…To label yourself means to limit yourself to a few trifling adjectives! When you’re this grand tree with a resplendent canopy of leaves, boughs, luscious fruits and flowers why label yourself as ‘thorn’ – that would be a futile, if not dangerous error, don’t you think?

Sadyojata implies that you are invested with a new life…it implies a constant rejuvenation. Don’t stick to past notions of “I’m a failure!”, “I can’t do that!”, “I’m a sinner!”…stop feeling guilty and trapped in that fine mesh of self inflicted depreciation. Sadyojata frees you from such unwarranted anxiety, loss, guilt and pain.

Just the wish to lead a better life and empower one’s self through better thoughts and actions, frees one from the chains of past patterns and present regret. I have often heard Gurudev (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) say, “The intention that you want to be better has already taken you halfway to becoming better!”

“If you are aware that you made a mistake, just the awareness has brought you out of the mistake – know that half the work is already done!” You simply need to apply a little effort so that you don’t fall into the same trap again.

For one on the spiritual path – this brings such an amazing sense of security. It means if you uncharacteristically or even characteristically scolded or blamed someone or created a big ruckus over nothing some moments ago, right now, you need not continue on the same track! Accept your mistake, decide to be more compassionate with yourself and others, and MOVE ON! Wear the life jacket of flexibility as you rush over the rapids of Life, your life that is passing by so swiftly!

Every moment offers you a choice: Do you want to be happy or do you wish to remain unhappy? A situation may not be to our liking, but the choice to stay happy is always ours.

We’ve been gifted the tool to alter our lives…we have all the artistic rights for a makeover any time we decide! I think now is the best moment to pull out a pad and pen. Give yourself the luxury to reflect. Weed out what you don’t like and plant the seeds of what you’d like to grow in your own home grown garden of the SELF!

Always remember: Be flexible and change as the situation demands.

You will be truly surprised by what happens next!



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