A New Day Dawns Yet Again


The day is a funny thing – it stands and then sits down, then crosses itself and re-crosses itself, stands up again, spins and spins, then falls down & spreads itself, and then sits up and shakes itself…then slowly and firmly wakes up….and begins all over again. In the process delivering something only it knows!

Or perhaps this is how it is today…a reflection of this morning’s funny yet not so laughable antics…me working hard to get out of bed, nudging & coaxing myself, and still not succeeding…until many hours float by. The weather was beautiful and did everything to keep me in bed. Nature had opened all her faucets the previous night, leaving not a trace of summer heat. And all I could do was snuggle deeper into my cosy quilts leaving the gyan of the necessity to control one’s senses to hover above my head for the time being.

Isn’t it incredible, how in one sense, we are not at all the makers of our day, rather the day makes itself, with events, episodes and situations unfolding themselves before us. Even our responses seem manipulated, not totally as we would have it! And yet most days shield themselves with this appearance of such great stability! And if things don’t go the way we expect them to we blame it on the devious play of the planets (grah chaal).

Look at today; look at any day for that matter. Flip the calendar from January to May. Roll back your memory to all the moments you have lived.


Not even after all the meticulous planning and helpful coordination from other fronts!

Every second we live is new and unknown. We enter an invisible stream of the unknown every single moment and yet we go about nonchalantly, as though nothing is really happening and the only time things matter is when we feel a pinch when things don’t work or a sudden burst of euphoria when we get good news from unanticipated quarters!

Every second we live is new and unknown.

There’s a word in Sanskrit for this – Sadyojata. Sanskrit has this beautiful knack of compressing the truth of existence into just one word! It’s a word I hear every time I listen to the Rudram chants, and I’ve heard Sri Sri Ravi Shankar refer to it a number of times in satsangs. He explains it in the context of time – Sadyojata refers to the creative aspect of existence: every moment as being ever fresh, ever new. Famously described by Heraclitus as – You can never cross the same river twice!

It is this very ingredient of the unexpected that makes life so charming!

No two moments are identical; no two moments can ever be the same. Except in that strange feeling we experience as déjà vu – of uncannily reliving a past experience in exactly the same manner, feeling – “this has happened before!” – but not being able to put a finger on when it happened or whether it happened at all!

I had read somewhere that every ‘now’ we experience has already happened. It is just that our faculties are slower and our perception out of sync with the actual time of those happenings. We get a delayed relay of what is occurring in our surroundings.

This somewhat explains how Akashic Records and Naadi predictions work. Or else on what basis could a person separated from us by thousands of years be able to predict with such astonishing accuracy the intricacies of our existence, with all the gory and glorious details in place?!

Without even realising it (until right now) I have just spoken about unpredictability and predictability in the same breath!

Yes, it seems, they do exist. Together, at once!

“Opposite values are complementary” is all I can say as a way to explain this unexpected irony! I was just talking about Sadyojata…but right now I see I’m living it ( ;



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