Something Beautiful Remains


I have to write something. And I’m all blank. Today of all days! Unspoken words settled somewhere… have to find them, hunt them down. Wherever they are!

Mixed in the stream of blood and swirling through capillaries and arteries. Where are they?

I wish to share something with someone, with myself. Something special, something spectacular, something worth remembering.

Nothing. I stand on the plains of Nothingness, and plainly see Nothing.

Not a thing, not a word, not a thought.

And yet, I’m surprised.

Something has written itself out. A landscape has sprung from nowhere! Words string themselves together and silently with ant like reckoning create something out of what was nothing.

An empty castle of words, a fort that has nothing to fortify, and yet without purpose something works and holds its own ground!

And life seems much like this. Can we make any meaning of our lives? Scattered episodes, mixed up stories, lost voices.  All washed away one day. And no one remembers or cares anyway.

Are you hearing? Are you there? Even if you’re not, even if there’s nothing, not even my ears to hear my own words:

Something beautiful remains.


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