Rediscovering Friendship


The universe is expanding and with it – my consciousness, my understanding, my awareness.

On the one hand I see all events in my life as incidental…I see myself as independent from life’s dramas and so I’m not scathed by situations that rise and fall around me. How I am and wish to feel have no link with those happenings, which are unreal, mere bubbles of a dream.

On the other hand, I see everything as the Divine’s play – beautiful, incomprehensible & mad!

This has brought me great freedom. Either which way, I’m given room to relax and play! When something appears tough & challenging I simply take it up as a game and on the side share a quiet joke or two with God!

Recently a good friend stormed into my room and declared that I either consent to marrying him or say goodbye to our friendship. I was surprised by this sudden and unreasonable outburst. I told him I was clearly not interested in romantic interludes, forget marriage. He stormed out. Although we share a special bond, I remained calm after his sudden departure. In fact I felt FREE. His going only left a great happy space within me, and I saw it as an opportunity to race into the arms of the one I truly love: God! It was dusk and I took a wonderful walk in the lap of Nature…cherishing all that was beautiful around me, and thinking that God has showered me with so many beautiful gifts.

The next day I received a call from my friend…he was apologetic and sounded embarrassed. He said he would hate to lose a good friend. I was happy to receive him back. In my heart a friend is always a friend. He may have thought of walking out of my life, but I could only wish him well. In the realm of spirit love is always present. There are no conditions applied.

I’ve noticed too that when I relax, the universe too relaxes. The work at hand spreads itself out, giving me enough breathing time to just unwind and be. Solutions flow effortlessly as my speed and awareness increase.

Earlier I would have been bogged down by the mere thought of all I had to do in the day. Now it is as though the Universe has come to my aid and is helping me out. My gamely smile seems to have won her over and brought her to my side! The information I require often appears instantly, the writing writes itself out. I watch all this, pleasantly surprised. I see my definition of friendship has expanded…from feeling a special link to a person to feeling a special bond with the cosmos.

My camaraderie with the Universe is fresh and intimate. I realize I’ve finally stumbled upon my best friend! Who’d believe that the Universe can be your friend!


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