Delightful Living!


This is my definition of ‘Sadhak’ (really very simple!): One who is ‘sad’ in the absence of the Master and one whose dil (heart) goes ‘dhak dhak’ when the Guru arrives!

The life of a sadhak is delightful. I will narrate a typical experience, because although this is my diary, it’s open for anyone to read, now that my life has become an open book!

It’s easy to be happy for no reason. When the Guru enters your life a special delight in living begins… and when you know that your Guru is with you, always close at hand, always guiding you to the best possible experience something AMAZING happens…just like that!

I fly past peach trees brimming with ripe fruit, buzzing bees, tender pink lotus, secret orchard, sacred spot, rocks, lily pond, azure lake, fat juicy black grapes… while the sun is tending to us all, singing a slow drub of a song as it makes its way from East to West.

And here I am… running with all my might or floating in delight, the sun gently toasting my back, as my four canine-friends race with me over the dry river of pebbles baked white.

I have a message to deliver, I ‘Guardian of the Good’, ‘Spirit of Love’, a message, precious in my heart, without words, a message that can’t be restrained. It sings in circles, in tune with the arcs, drawn in the air and ground by my running feet.

Now! It bursts out…Aahhhh!


How GOOD life IS!

Aaaahhh love youuuuuu!

YOU, YOu, You! (Echoes back to my ears)

Life loves me in double measure! sings my heart in circles. Sang my heart, my breath and my feet in circles.


And the sky, crystal clear, looked at me in silence. No clouds or curtains between us. Just the naked sky looking at me in pure love and tenderness.
And the wind kissed me as I ran: catching me, engulfing me, enfolding me in an eternal embrace of love.

The rain began to shower down lightly on my face – clothing me in a shimmery silver garment of wet streaks. It chased me, calling out, “Me too, me too! I’m with you! Don’t leave me out!”

And all of us were singing together, going really mad; creating quite a ruckus! Even the sun joined in and sang in a loud, strong voice.

The dogs were wagging their tails and going woo, woo, woo!

All of us SANG…not minding one another or if we were in tune or not. Just all of creation singing in unison: even earthworms wriggled out of their burrows to join in.

And the trees that stood tall and lofty, bowed before us, became our fans… cheered us, invited us to come closer.





4 thoughts on “Delightful Living!

  1. Natasha says:

    Beautifully written Radhika. Only when you live simply can you think so clearly and beautifully….simple living. …high thinking. Loved it.


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